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Stay updated with the latest materials and technologies, including resin, hybrid, glass ceramics, lithium silicates, and zirconia. Experience the most comprehensive and simplifying lectures regarding dental materials. Access the course from anywhere, at your own pace, to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.


Lectures and Hands On in One Online Course

Welcome to the most comprehensive dental restoration course available! Whether you're a dentist, dental assistant, or hygienist, this course is your gateway to mastering dental restoration techniques.

  • Why Take This Course:

    Unlock the full potential of your dental practice with in-depth knowledge and hands-on skills in resin, hybrid, glass ceramics, lithium silicates, and zirconia restorations. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your dental career, our hands-on component will empower you to provide top-tier care to your patients with confidence.

  • Material Categorization:

    This course is uniquely structured to provide you with a deep understanding of all indirect restorative materials, categorized for clarity and mastery. It contains lectures that systematically cover each material type and their indications. Finally, grasp the ability to recognize, differentiate, and confidently choose the right material for every dental restoration.

  • Hands On Step By Step

    Our course goes beyond theory, offering you a hands-on component that's essential for mastering the art of dental restoration. We work with actual dental materials. Step by step video tutorials on finishing, polishing, glazing, staining and more. Learn the precise techniques required for each. This hands-on experience ensures that you not only understand the theory but also develop the practical skills necessary to excel in your practice.

Why Take This Course?

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Designed for dentists, dental assistants, and hygienists, ensuring it's accessible to all members of your team. Learn from Dr.Miguel A. Ortiz, renowned prosthodontist and dental technician who are at the forefront of dental restoration technology and techniques.

What will be covered in this course?

With a mixture of lessons and hands on tutorials

  • Comprehensive Material Knowledge: You will gain in-depth knowledge about a wide range of indirect restorative materials, including resins, hybrids, glass ceramics, lithium silicates, and zirconia. You will learn to differentiate between these materials, understand their unique properties, and make informed decisions about material selection for specific clinical cases.

  • Advanced Techniques: This course equips you with simple and advance techniques for finishing, glazing, staining, and adjusting various restorations. You will develop the skills needed to create aesthetically pleasing and functional dental restorations, from simple to complex cases, using state-of-the-art materials and tools.

  • Hands-On Proficiency: Through hands-on practice, you will build the practical skills necessary to excel in restorative dentistry. You'll have the opportunity to work with actual materials and gain the confidence to apply your knowledge effectively in clinical practice.

Learn Directly From Dr. Miguel A. Ortiz

Dr. Miguel A. Ortiz began working in the dental industry as a Dental Technician. He attended California State University, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, and University of Illinois. He now practices as a surgically trained prosthodontist in Boston at Lit Dental Esthetics and Implant Center. He also founded The DentLit Academy - an organization which promotes continuous learning, started the “Let’s Talk Prosth” community, developed additional dental courses and wrote a best-selling book "Lit: The Simple Protocol for Dental Photography in the Age of Social Media." A world renown leader in dentistry that brings to you the latest scientifically backed evidence in order to empower you with the tools you need.

Course curriculum

Comprehensive Lectures and State of the Art Hands On Demonstrations

  • 1

    MODULE 1: Introduction to Dental Materials

    • Overview of Dental Materials Part 1: Classification

    • Overview of Dental materials part 2: Comparison and Selection.

  • 2

    MODULE 2: Finishing Resin and Hybrid Restorations

    • Polishing a Resin or Hybrid Posterior Restortion

    • Glazing & Staining of a Resin or Hybrid Anterior Restoration

    • Glazing & Staining of a Resin or Hybrid Posterior Restoration

  • 3

    MODULE 3: Finishing Glass Ceramic Restorations

    • Modifying Shape and From of an Anterior Feldspathic Restoration

    • Polishing an Anterior Feldspathic Restoration

    • Glazing an Anterior Feldspathic Restoration

    • Simple Glazing and Staining a Feldspathic Restoration

    • Moderately Complex Glazing and Staining of an Anterior Feldspathic Restoration

    • Moderately Complex Glazing and Staining of a Posterior Feldspathic Restoration

  • 4

    MODULE 4: Finishing Lithium Silicate Restorations

    • Simple Glazing and Staining of a Lithium Silicate Restoration

    • Moderately Complex Glazing and Staining of a Lithium Silicate Restoration

  • 5

    MODULE 5: Finishing Zirconia Restorations

    • Internal Staining of Zirconia Prior to Sintering. Infiltration Technique

    • External Staining of Anterior Zirconia Restoration

    • Internal Staining of Zirconia Prior to Sintering.

    • External Staining of Posterior Zirconia Restorations

  • 6

    MODULE 6: Shade Modification and Contact Adding

    • Color: Changing Value of a Restoration

    • Color: Adjusting the Chroma (Intensity of Color) or a Restoration

    • Adding an Interproximal Contact to a Restoration

    • Dental Materials Quiz