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Skills that will wow - both in and out of the clinic!

Master the art of Dental Photography at your own pace, on your own time.

Now bringing Dr. Miguel A. Ortiz's renowned workshops right into your home and office. Take control of your photography and get C.E. credit along the way.
Master the art of Dental Photography at your own pace, on your own time.

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Learn and interact with Dr. Ortiz himself
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Chapter 1

The Fundamentals of Photography

Learn, not just what to do, but how and why. Take control of your camera and improve your photography skills both in and out of the clinic. Sections include: • Exposure and the Big 5 • 1 Aperture • 2 Shutter Speed • 3 Depth of Field • 4 White Balance • 5 – ISO • Histogram

Chapter 2

Dental Photography Equipment

A quick overview of the equipment you need, and the stuff you don’t. You won’t have to break the bank if you know exactly what you’re looking for. This chapter includes the following lessons: • Cameras • Lenses • Flash Systems • Mirrors • Contrastors • Retractors • Polarizers

Chapter 3

Portrait Photography

Not only will great portraits benefit your dental practice (and patients!), but it’s a great way to start using the fundamental skills you’ve just learned. This chapter includes the following lessons: • Ring Flashes • Dual Flash System • Speedlights • Umbrellas and Strobes • Perfecting the Background • Portrait Session

Chapter 4

Intraoral Photography

The most crucial and challenging tasks of Dental Photography boiled down into The Simple Protocol. High quality intraoral photographs in only 10 minutes; take 95% of your shots without moving your patient, your lights or yourself! This chapter includes the following lessons: • Intraoral Set Up • The Simple Protocol • Lateral Shots

Chapter 5

Artistic Dental Photography

Now for the fun stuff! Dr. Ortiz will teach you how to take breathtaking dental photographs that’ll wow them all. It’s easier than you think! This chapter includes the following lessons: • The Glossy Effect • Diffusion • Chromaticity, Chiaroscuro and Texture Manipulation

Chapter 6

Communication with the Dental Laboratory

You need this knowledge and these skills to reach the standard of care your patients deserve. Proper shade evaluation and cross polarization are tricky, but necessary. This chapter includes the following lessons: • Shade Evaluation • Cross Polarization • Final Quiz to earn CE credit

Quiz and C.E. credits offered

Learn everything about Dental Photography, quiz yourself at the end and get C.E. credits upon completion. Sign up today!
Quiz and C.E. credits offered

Learn from none other than industry leader Dr. Miguel A. Ortiz

Dr. Miguel A. Ortiz began working in the dental industry as a Dental Technician. He attended California State University, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, and University of Illinois. He now practices as a sugically trained prosthodontist in Boston at Brookline Dental Center. Working as both a professional photographer and dental student he gained an international following on Social Media. From this platform he created a hands-on Dental Photography Course which he now teaches around the world. He also founded DentLit - an organization which promotes continuous learning, started the “Let’s Talk Prosth” community, developed additional dental courses and wrote a best-selling book "Lit: The Simple Protocol for Dental Photography in the Age of Social Media."
Learn from none other than industry leader Dr. Miguel A. Ortiz
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The course was great.

Michael Leeson

I enjoyed it and so did my assistant. You made exposure, aperture, shutter speed and how they relate to each other easier to understand for everyone. Personally I learned more about flash photography with soft boxes as I had never been exposed to that before.

I truly enjoyed your course.

Ryan Terry

Very informative. Getting to work with different types of flashes will help in a dental settings as well as with my family pictures and portraits at home. Thank you.

Highly recommended.

Dagmara Ventresca

The photography course was exactly what I was hoping for and more. I learned what equipment to use, what settings are important, how to play with light, and how to finesse my photos with software. It was a lot of fun and it appealed to my artistic side.

Not only current, but also forward-thinking dental photography techniques presented.

Nicole Armour

This course helped me solve all of my photography problems and injected a heavy dose of inspiration to bring my own dental photography to the next level.

The course was amazing!

Maria Angelica Jalloh

I finally know what the functions of my camera mean. Time to practice! Thanks again Dr Miguel.