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Everything A Dentist Needs To Know About Sutures


    Further your ongoing dental education with the Suture Techniques Online Course.

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    Learn everything you need to know about sutures, as a general dentist, specialist or team member. This Course is for you!

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    Learn at your own pace from any device. Get unlimited access to video courses you sign up for. 1 year subscription with small fee to extend.

Master the art of Suturing at your own pace, in your own space.

Now bringing Dr. Miguel A. Ortiz's renowned workshops right into your home and office. Live. Online. Hands On from your house or office. Practicing together LIVE!!!!

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Dr. Miguel A. Ortiz has created a high quality Custom Suture Kit for You. It comes as part of the course so that you can practice along with him, hands on.

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We think this course has so much to offer - and we know you'll agree.

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Chapter 1

Introduction to Sutures

Let set the goals for this course to understand why sutures techniques are critical to patient care.
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Chapter 3

Needle Classification

Everything you need to know about the needle, we kind of need that.
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Chapter 5

Anatomy of the Knot

Not all knots are done the same and without a proper understanding of the different Knots we would go nuts!!!

Chapter 6

Suture Configuration

Are you confused about how many throws you need to make in a suture? Is it one forward, one backward, two forward...? is it two forward, one backward, one forward....? Well let's go through the DentLit and let science decide.
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